The sesh of photo making, the ones where you are at the moment and well aware of your fellows. Well there is much to say about photography and its grammar. From your tools to your approach, to read a photograph or create a suitable setting, this craft is attached to ones individual personality.

Photography to me is a realm of possibility and a proof of my present state. My imagination as well as my shortcoming. Share your creative process with others and one sees something to reflect on. It would be relevant to say that when a creation process will happen in pitch black darkness, one will get a pitch black result on film but the memory, the unseen, the process inside that took place, remains.

Since 2000 I work and earn a living a s a model. It started in Brasil where I was without enough money to survive the 3 month trip that I decided my luck as a model in Rio de Janeiro. My motive back then was pure, away from comfort onto the unknown, I had no clue. They took me in and a week later I walked my first show in New York City.

In between slow phases later on, I did assistent work walking and learning from professional photographers and as an electrician (lighten) on advertisement films. Before that I already put interest in editing and making abstract films on a mini dv and got my images from travels and photoshoots. I went to Australia to continue my passion for the ocean and learn more about the screen. Later in the Netherlands I continued a path on the Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam, learning to understand about art.

Image, the language, what is true is true to me. Creating images has been fun and a struggle, modelling is easier.

“Modelling is an art and you are an artist.” Paulo Roversi who pointed this out to the wonderful model Kirsten Owen.

Why I work? Because I play, explore and discover. At the end I am my own boss, change and decide what I do at every single moment. Embracement of what is and what something does to me is key. Wanting and the illusion of control has been senseless to me but I know what I want to tell the world. Don’t pose, just be, breath and look inside, nothing more.

“Spit on your fears and rule.”