Born and raised behind the Dutch dunes of The Hague, the North Sea, and Rein Langeveld go hand in hand. It soon becomes clear that he is a skilled and fearless sportsman who knows the sea. As a youngster it also appears that Rein is a self-made, autodidact boy, obvious in his own way of struggle in difficult times and situations. He appears to be a strong surviver with good looks and social skills.

Rein’s career as a photo model started in Brasil, back in 2000. Today he performs better then ever and models in world campaigns.

Art making ‘for the cosmic jokings sake’ creates space for Rein to ‘follow the feather”. His ambition is to create work to enhance and align  “openness for sexuality’s ways”. A talk about masculine sexuality. The kings way is coming in you. Trough talks and speakings he wants to open more and broaden to talk about sexual ways.

Rein studied fine arts at the Rietveld academy. It gave him more ways of looking and puts his time now in educating socially responsible sexual ways.

50 years ago the west opened up with Woodstock, homosexuality, casual sex, divorcement became publicly more excepted.

40 years ago we scraped the marriage duty out of the marriage contract. Feminism, male domination are basic outcomes of sexualy charged sources.

You can challenge him with your ideas on involving him in your event.