The sesh of photo making. It’s grand. There you are, at the moment and well aware of your fellows. It will be made instant. A craft attached to ones individual personality.

Photography to me is a realm of possibility and a proof of presence. The other reality. The projected mirror. Sharing a creative process with others always result. It would be relevant to say that when a creation process is happening between people and groups in a pitch black darkness, photographing one will get a pitch black result on film. The pitch black photograph has a relation with that experience and memory information to pass on.

Since 2000 I work and earn a living as a photo model. It started in Brasil where, without enough money to survive the 3 month trip, I decided my luck as a model in Rio de Janeiro. My motive back then was pure, away from comfort onto the unknown, I had no clue… They took me in and a week later walked the New York City. I was 21.

Later, I went to Australia to continue my passion for the ocean and learn more about the screen. Later in the Netherlands I continued on the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam for a visual reality distortion.

Image, language, what is true is true to me in relation to you.

“Modelling is an art and you are an artist.” Paulo Roversi to Kirsten Owen.