Born and raised behind the Dutch dunes of The Hague, the North Sea, and Rein Langeveld go hand in hand. It soon becomes clear that he is a skilled and fearless sportsman who knows the sea. As a youngster it also appears that Rein is a self-made, autodidact boy, obvious in his own way of struggle in difficult times and situations. He appears to be a strong surviver with good looks and social skills.

Rein’s career as a photo model started in Brasil, back in 2000. That’s where he didn’t have enough money to survive there for three months and for that reason tried his luck as a model in Rio de Janeiro.

His motive back then was clear; away from all comfort and dive into the unknown…a call for adventure. His curiousity towards the world and exploring it was born here.

Appart from modeling, and meanwhile raising a family of three children with his wife, Rein had a strong interest for art. Art Photography in particular.

This made Rein study fine arts at the Rietveld academy in Amsterdam. His student work had a strong notion of abstraction and diving into deeper areas in order to show more than the visible only: ’Performative sculptures and innovative thoughts about that unseen aspects to materialiize”. It gave him more ways of looking and is a source of inspiration ever since.