Froncois Kempf

City models Paris represents the moving man, Francois Kempf. Christophe Cerdan, head booker mens division, asked me to create somehow instictive emotions in photos of him. To capture something new for clients to discover. How moveable he is and free and exciting to create with, he is clearly and visible ON when you’ll meet him in real life.

When we got started, Francois picked up our intentions immediately and started, interfered with public using what is to him.

People in act of  being photographed have the tendency to change their naturelness into somewhat extra awareness, most of the time. Maybe because we are used to chance ourselves  for a photo camera. To become visibly beautiful, something you have to do something for it to be.

Porte de Clingancourt is a grindish northern entrance to the inner city paris. Mathew Jordan was with me this week and we went running in the morning looking out for potential street locations. Mathew pointed me out the possible importance of a location, carrying a context, also maintaining grip in creating a pictorial story. We choose a place in construction in the middle of the porte. Inside the construction we where alone surrounded with fences. Outside of it there was a city in movement. In a no space there is not much besides yourself to react on, with a moving city there is constant change and reaction.